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Here's Bowtie's next project, a 68 Camaro SCCA Solo I / Solo II car. The car was raced in solo road course time trials. It Competed in Several events in Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, and many other states.  It started life as a 68 RS/SS Camaro, then was turned into the Road Course car. It has the factory 4speed,  302 Smoky Yunick crossram and has the original GM race headers still on the car. Both front fenders and rear quarters were flared to house the wide 10" rally wheels. The original Owner / Driver is Al Blethens of Alabama. Al raced this car for approximately nine years before retiring it, stacking up many victories along with setting the national record at Chimney Rock Hill climb in North Carolina. Al has provided us with the original SCCA log book and pictures of the car from the day it was rescued from the salvage yard in 1973, to track pictures at Charlotte N.C. Raceway. 

Starting from the right is Al Blethen (Original owner/driver), his wife, and Jimmy Shreve (Owner of Bowtie Supply).






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