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Owner Ed Pascale - 68 Chevelle Yenko Tribute & 55 chevy Two lane blacktop tribute


Bolero Red (original color) '67 Camaro, built 11 A  of 66 in LOS.  I completed a "Ground-up" restoration May 30-'12.  It still sports the original 327 engine now pushing 400 hp., backed up by a modified (shift kit and 2500 stall T-Conv.) and a 4.11 12 bolt Posi. rear.  I consider it a Z28 Tribute car, the engine compartment is dressed up to look exactly like a "Day 2" 302 with Headers.  Thanks - Michael Campbell


1969 Copo Camaro Tribute - Black with Red Comfort Weave Seat Covers, Center
Console, Tilt Steering, Power Steering, Power Brakes (Front Disc), th400
Automatic Transmission, 12 Bolt Rear, 468ci Chevy Big Block.




This is my 58 Impala sports coupe. This is the most under rated classic in my opinion. 1st it is the first year for the Impala, it is also the first for the 348 and brand new frame and nothing brought forward from earlier models. First year for dual headlights. It is also in my opinion one of the best if not the best the car most suited for dual paint.  Thanks - marie Piper


Enclosed are pics of the car I rebuilt for my wife. It's a 1979 Camaro Z28. I got the car in 2008 and finally got it finished in late summer 2012. I did all the work myself, excluding the engine build. The car was in worse shape then I originally thought when I looked at it, but I soldiered on and fixed it up anyway. I think it turned out pretty good, and my wife likes it a lot.

Rob Wagner, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


1969 chevelle Malibu, 350 built to 383 stroker 400 hp, restored inside and out.

Thanks for the parts!

Dave Yoder, Mobile Alabama


Lots of parts bought from you in this car.  I hope you like the pics, its my 1960 cadillac  the last photo is from the first day I started with it.

Uffe Jacobsson - Sweden



Purchased car in 1985.  1969 Chevelle Ram Jet 396 5 speed w/ 4.11 gears.  just got it done in may 2012 after a 10 year project.

Randy - rochester, NY


1965 El Camino nearing completion.  it has a 421 small block with a forged bottom end topped with Dart 215 cc heads and a Doug herbert  cam. It is backed up by a Pypes 3" stainless system  and a Rick Cole turbo 400 with a PJ automotive 10 " converter.   Out back I have an early Olds 9.3"  setup currently running 3.42's. I have 12 different ratios from 2.56 to 5.57 that I can swap in depending on where I want to take it.  It  has 4 wheel  manual discs, 12"  upfront and 11"in back..   It is currently  hibernating  in  North Olmsted, Ohio.      Mike Donohue.

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